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Enjoy swimming all year round

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming Pool Water.jpg

Wi-Fi Controller with App for remote access

DC Inverter 

Extremely Low Noise level 48 -53 Db(A)

One year Warranty

Stainless Steel Housing

Energy Efficient COP Ratings 9.61 to 13.3

Slim Design

Environment Friendly R32 Refrigerant

Models KW-14 26KW, KW-17  37 KW & KW-21 45 KW

Temperature Range -25°C - 43°C

Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling

Brushless DC Fan Motors

LCD Touchscreen  Controller

Water Resistance IPX4

Works with Solar Panels

Will need to be gased on installation

Swimming Pool Heat Pump.jpg
H PUMP.png

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